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Selling your house directly has a wide number of benefits to offer sellers. However, not all home buyers are the same! If you want an honest and straightforward offer on your house, call the professionals at VW Properties, LLC! 720-689-1507

We know what it’s like to sell to an investor because we did it ourselves! And it was the best possible decision we could have made! 

After having an incredible experience selling our own house directly, we decided to bring these same solutions to other homeowners in the Lakewood area. By selling our house, we discovered the ease and simplicity of a direct sale. Plus we saved thousands of dollars in selling costs!

When making offers to people in Lakewood we take the time to really look at each homeowners situation. We are in the business of helping people. The process worked so well for us that now we want to share it with other people! Give us a call and let’s run the numbers for your property! No matter how you decide to sell, we want to help you make a smart and well-informed decision! 720-689-1507

We have purchased over 100 houses in the last two years. Our success comes solely from our experience, streamlined processes, and a genuine motivation to help people when they need it most.

Listing Only Works for SOME Situations!

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If you need to sell quickly or if you own a house that needs a little work, often times a direct sale can be the better choice! Keeping your house competitive with other houses on the market can get expensive once you factor in repair and upgrade costs. You will also likely need to purchase items to stage the home as well as storage fees for many of your personal belongings.

Plus, you won’t have to deal with commissions, agent fees, marketing costs, or listing fees. By selling NOW you can also potentially save THOUSANDS in utility, insurance and tax costs you would otherwise be paying if you chose to list.

Don’t get stuck in a listing agreement until you learn about all of your options! 

What works for one person may not work for another. You don’t have to sell your house the same way your neighbors did! You can find a solution that works for your property! Let’s review the numbers and figure out the best selling scenario for you! If you have time to wait for a buyer and cash up front to cover listing expenses, putting your house on the MLS can be a great choice! However, if you are concerned with the timing of the sale, or don’t want to get stuck with out of pocket expenses and hefty commissions, a direct sale might be the better decision!

  • Dealing with foreclosure? We can stop the bank!
  • Getting divorced? We can make the sale go smoothly and quickly.
  • Do you need to upgrade or downsize? We can help you sell now so you can get into a new home quick!
  • Does your house need a lot of work? We are interested in all Lakewood houses no matter what condition they are in!
  • An unwanted inheritance. You shouldn’t have to spend money to sell it!

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